Performance PC-2002 chip
1.33 Ghz Performance PC-2002 Graphics Processor.

Quad Hyper W Processors
Quad Hyper W processors at 666Mhz.

VGA connector
Industry standard 15-pin VGA monitor connector and LCD Digitial Ready. Easy hookup to your existing or future monitor!

Cool electronic stuff
Extremely cool looking electronic componentry!
Tired of your pixelated Counter-Strike? Afraid of going to that LAN party because you have a PCI video card? Is your Geforce 3 fan running at 32,000 RPM because you are running at 425/425Mhz? Then look no further, for the fastest 2D/3D hyper accelerater is here.

Introducing the WuVidia™ Woohoo5™ 60000 AGP.

WuVidia™ Woohoo5™ 60000 AGP
5 Hyper-Powerful processors. 768MB of RAM. Titanium Heatsinks.

In collaboration with nVidia™, WuVidia™ is proud to present the fastest PC 2d/3d accelerator on the face of the earth. Using the advanced new Hyper-Accel chipset in a massively powerfull arrangement, we are able to achieve an astounding fillrate of 33 gigapixels per second. Can you say Quake 3 at 3200x2400 at 400fps? And with the addition of our new proprietary 24x FSAA, your games will look so smooth you will have a hard time not wanting to go out and buy that new WuVidia 61" LCD Screen.

The new WuVidia™ Woohoo5™ 60000 AGP.

So fast, it's kind of ridiculous.™

Estimated retail price $23,499.99 (USD)

Chipset with 666Mhz RAMDAC to make those Excel spreadsheets fly!

768MB of extremely fast 1ns DDR RDSNVGRAM with Titanium heatsink. You can actually install games straight to the video card.

Feature connector
High Voltage Capacitor to give you 10,000 volts when you accidently touch it.

AGP connector
Industry standard AGP 8x slot connector!

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